Out of the Silence by Eduardo Strauch: Book Review

Out of the Silence by Eduardo Strauch Urioste Book Cover

3 Stars. I didn’t know much about this event other than the bare minimum prior to reading this book: a plane crashed in South America in the ’70s; the passengers survived by cannibalism; and the movie Alive, which I haven’t seen, is based on it. So I expected to get more of a straightforward recounting of the facts. What I got […]

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Hard Rain by Irma Venter: Book Review

Hard Rain by Irma Venter Book Cover

I wanted to like this more than I did. I feel like it’s a pretty solid premise but the writing was too–jumpy? Maybe? I actually restarted it about 20 pages in because I thought I had missed something. Alex and Ranna barely seemed to know each other but Alex seemed to think that she owed him something. It was some crazy…

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