2024 Reading Challenges

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I’m tracking my 2024 reading challenge progress here. I’m limiting myself to challenges that might push me a little out of my comfort zone or at least mix up my habitual reading patterns.

The challenge buttons and names link to to the signup/information posts at the challenge host’s website if you’d like to join me!

Reading Challenges I’m Hosting

Books in Translation Reading Challenge

Hosted here at Introverted Reader. I’m signing up at the Conversationalist level, 4-6 books. #2024booksintranslation

Southern Literature Reading Challenge

Hosted here at Introverted Reader. I’m signing up at level four, 7+ books. #2024southernlit

  1. The Indigo Girl by Natasha Boyd

Challenges I’m Participating In

2024 Nonfiction Reader Challenge

Hosted by Shelleyrae at Book’d Out. I’m joining at the Nonfiction Nosher level to read 12 books, one from each of 12 categories. #ReadNonFicChal | Instagram: @shelleyrae _bookdout | Mastodon: @shelleyrae@aus.social

  • History
  • Memoir/Biography The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, written and narrated by Issa Rae
  • True Crime
  • Science
  • Health
  • Food
  • Culture
  • Transportation
  • The Future
  • Pets
  • Architecture
  • Published in 2024

2024 Classics Reading Challenge

Hosted by Tea and Ink Society. I’ve done pretty well in the five-year long Classics Club challenge but I first signed up for Tea and Ink Society’s challenge to help steer my choices in 2022. I wasn’t completely successful but it definitely kept classics on my radar. I’m signing up again this year.

  • January: A classic you’ve read before
  • February: A Nordic or Scandinavian classic
  • March: A novel with a place or house name in the title
  • April: An epistolary novel
  • May: An L. M. Montgomery novel or short story collection
  • June: A novel or short story collection from the American South
  • July: A utopian or dystopian novel
  • August: A children’s classic
  • September: A pastoral novel
  • October: A spooky classic or short story collection
  • November: A classic recommended by a friend
  • December: A Shakespeare play

2024 Key Word Reading Challenge

Hosted by Chapter Adventure (formerly girlxoxo). I did pretty well with this challenge in 2022 but I switched to their Monthly Motif challenge in 2023 and failed. I’m going to try this version again in 2024. Read a book each month with one (or more) of the key words in the title. #keywordreadingchallenge⁠

  • January– Secret, Heaven, True, House, Come, Only, Know, Winter⁠
  • February– Heir, Night, Bride, Down, Women, Hand, Teach, Guest⁠
  • March– Story, Hunt, Plot, City, You, Cry, Another, Paint⁠
  • April– Darling, Funny, Familiar, Somewhere, List, Meet, Never, Word⁠
  • May– Library, Dark, Drown, Ex, Iron, Done, Love, Stranger⁠
  • June– Ink, Fragile, Road, Summer, Breath, Every, Push, Sorry⁠
  • July– Mine, Again, Honey, Paradise, Still, Club, Train, Legend⁠
  • August– School, Cut, Sky, Fate, Wing, Belong, Justice, Way⁠
  • September– Twice, World, Man, Quiet, Sweet, Hold, Shallow, Invisible⁠
  • October– Vampire, Here, Mist, Death, One, Missing, Bite, Witch⁠
  • November– Spice, Life, Hello, Keep, Truly, Couple, Joy, Young⁠
  • December– Snow, Season, Ice, Merry, White, Under, Mistletoe, Inn⁠