Goldie Vance Volumes 3 & 4 by Hope Larson: Book Review

Goldie Vance Volume 3 by Hope Larson Book Cover

4 Stars. I love this series so much! Goldie can be annoyingly cocky sometimes but her friends keep her grounded. The mysteries are fun and somehow remind me of cartoons I would watch as kid. The diverse cast of characters is a delight. There were some new illustrators added into the mix in these two volumes. There are some […]

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Goldie Vance Volume Two by Hope Larson: Book Review

Goldie Vance Volume Two by Hope Larson Book Cover

4 Stars. Volume Two was still a strong entry in this series but it didn’t charm me quite as completely as the first collection did. I enjoyed reading a bit more about Goldie’s mom but Goldie herself came across as a bit of an attention-seeker and a brat this time around. It wasn’t enough to completely turn me off but it was a […

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Around the World by Matt Phelan: Book Review

Around the World by Matt Phelan Book Cover

This book is a taste of these three journeys and made me eager to learn more about the featured explorers. The artwork is beautifully done in a style that I (most definitely not an artist) can only describe as a cross between line drawings and watercolors. The predominant colors of each section reflect (or set?) the mood. Warm […]

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Goldie Vance by Hope Larson: Book Review

Goldie Vance by Hope Larson Book Cover

5 Stars. Oh my goodness! This is so stinking cute and smart! I was never a big mystery reader as a kid. I could never guess “whodunnit” and that irritated me. Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys were practically nonstarters for me. I wish Goldie Vance had been around back in the day because she would have turned me into a mystery reader for sure! […]

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Brave Chef Brianna by Sam Sykes: Book Review

Brave Chef Brianna by Sam Sykes Book Cover

4 Stars. I grabbed this on a whim as I was prowling through my library’s shelves last week. Who can resist a bright and cheerful cover that also portrays monsters? Not me. This was really cute and contained important messages about friendship; overcoming self-doubt; and living for your own ideals of happiness, not those dictated […]

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The Night Witches by Garth Ennis: Book Review

The Night Witches by Garth Ennis Book Cover

I literally just finished this graphic novel and I’m about to flip back to page one and read it again. That isn’t to say it was perfect–it wasn’t–but I know that in my hurry to read it, I missed a lot of important details. Now that I know Anna Kharkova’s story, I can take my time and chew it over. I’m struggling with where to…

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Giant Days Volume One by John Allison: Book Review

Giant Days Volume One by John Allison Book Cover

I loved these young ladies! They’re funny and they make mistakes but they’re loyal and there for each other. I related a lot to both Susan and Daisy. When Daisy asks about book club on her birthday, I howled with laughter! That is so me! I’m not quite sure about Esther and her drama but at least she doesn’t actively…

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Aurora Borealice by Joan Steacy: Book Review

Aurora Borealice by Joan Steacy Book Cover

I usually rate books five stars if they rock my world or if I simply can’t bring myself to put them down. That’s not the case here. My rating reflects the subject matter. How frustrating it must be to have a sharp intellect but to be written off as “less than” because…

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Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill: Book Review

Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill Book Cover

4 Stars. I really, really liked this. I never had any idea where it was going and it just kept getting more and more twisted. I had more questions at the end than I did at the beginning. And I was definitely left with a sinking feeling in my stomach. This situation is going to get way worse before it gets better. I liked the […]

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Storybook Love by Bill Willingham: Book Review

Fables Storybook Love by Bill Willingham Book Cover

4 Stars. I was much happier with this volume than with the previous one. I’m on firmer footing with love stories, however fractured they may be, than with a retelling of Animal Farm.There’s not really a big plot arc here–it’s more like a collection of short stories than a novel, but I enjoyed them. I particularly liked the […]

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Fables: Animal Farm by Bill Willingham

Fables Animal Farm by Bill Willingham Book Cover

3 Stars. Eh. Three years have gone by since I read this and I just got around to reading Volume 3. I remember that I do like this world and concept a lot, and I enjoy the artwork, but I did not like this retelling of Animal Farm. I somehow missed the classic novel […]

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