Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline: Book Review

Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline Book Cover

3 Stars. While I did enjoy Ready Player Two, my expectations were so high from Ready Player One that it was almost guaranteed to be a bit of a letdown. I still loved all the ’80s Easter eggs that I identified but this older Wade isn’t quite as engaging. He’s still a major geek but his absolute resistance to listening to others’ […]

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins: Book Review

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Book Cover

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is one of those rare books–a second that is actually better than the first. In my humble opinion anyway. I read all 391 pages in two sittings, really in one day. I picked it up, got sucked into Katniss’s world, and never looked away. We got to see a little more of Gale in this story […]

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The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan: Book Review

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan Book Cover

I’m a little out of practice with my reviews, but I’m having a hard time putting my feelings about this book into words. On the one hand, I would actually love to see this as a movie, filmed in the style of Schindler’s List. The world is bleak but lends itself well to the unexpected pops of color I remember from Spielberg’s […]

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The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins: Book Review

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins Book Cover

So. I haven’t re-read any of the original novels since they were first published and I haven’t re-watched any of the movies since their respective releases. So I’m fuzzy on those plot points. But this didn’t do much to further the broader story. Snow is a manipulative prick. We know that. All I learned in this book is that he […]

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The Fireman by Joe Hill: Book Review

The Fireman by Joe Hill Book Cover

I try hard to avoid any blurbs or early reviews of books that I’m really anticipating, but somehow things just seep into my consciousness and I’m not even sure how they got there. So in addition to having my own ridiculously high hopes for this book, I’d come across things like “Hill’s magnum opus!” and “his best work to date” […]

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The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi: Book Review

Synopsis from GoodReads: Anderson Lake is a company man, AgriGen’s Calorie Man in Thailand. Undercover as a factory manager, Anderson combs Bangkok’s street markets in search of foodstuffs thought to be extinct, hoping to reap the bounty of history’s lost calories. There, he encounters Emiko… Emiko is the Windup Girl, a strange and beautiful creature. Continue Reading…

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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld: Book Review

Tally lives in the future, in a world where, at the age of sixteen, everyone is made superhumanly pretty. The thinking is that by leveling the playing field, so to speak, racism, bullying, low self-esteem, and all the negative things that can be associated with personal appearance can be eliminated. But not everyone wants to Continue Reading…

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