Suicide Prevention

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I’ve struggled with whether to write this post. If you’ve been around long, I’m sure you’ve noticed I don’t write many personal things. I’m a private person. The few I have written have been fun little stories, nothing serious at all. But I feel this needs to be shared, just in case it helps anyone.

My husband and I lost a very dear friend on May 3 when he took his own life. I don’t feel that his story is mine to share, so I’ll only say that he was an Iraq War veteran who had been through more personal tragedy in his lifetime than anyone should have to experience in a full 80+ span of years. All of us who knew him well knew that he needed help and begged him to go somewhere or talk to someone or just–anything. But he never would and here we are. He was one of the most deeply kind, generous, and just mischievous people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and his absence is a loss not only to my husband and me and his other friends but to the world. Kindness feels like it’s in short supply some days.

So I’m writing this to ask that if you need help, please seek it out. There’s no shame in asking for it. Everyone needs assistance getting through something in their lives. If you know someone who needs help, please don’t give up on them.

Here are a few resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

CrisisChat, a service of Contact USA

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Here in NC, some employers participate in the confidential Employee Assistance Network. See if your employer offers anything similar.

Veterans can get help at Restore Warriors, a division of the Wounded Warrior Project, or find a facility of the Veteran’s Health Administration.

I’m sure there are lots more, but that’s a start.

In my friend’s memory, I’m going to keep a link to this page and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on my sidebar for quick reference. I hope none of you ever find yourselves needing this kind of assistance, but if you do, please know that I care and help is out there.

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  1. Contact USA is another organization that maintains 24-hour crisis hotlines in a network of centers across the US. They are staffed by trained volunteers who undergo a long training process. Their newest service is Lifeline Crisis Chat for those who would prefer to chat with a caring person online.

  2. Very well said. This is a wonderful way to provide individuals the necessary resources if they need them. I'm glad you decided to write this.

  3. An important message and very well said. This is both a great tribute to your friend's memory and a potential life-saver to others who find themselves overwhelmed and disheartened by what life puts in their way.

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