Of A Holiday, A New TV Show, and An Amusement Park: Life and Lit

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Life and Lit

I don’t know about you, but having the 4th of July fall on Wednesday this year threw me all out of whack. Work two days, a day off then work another two days and have another two days off… It kind of didn’t work for me. It was nice to have Wednesday off but then I was a little indignant about having to go back to work so soon. And the rest of the week dragged.

My aunt had her annual 4th of July cookout so we went to that. I blogged most of the morning and then made my mac and cheese. My family loves it and I make it for most get-togethers. The secret is the sour cream. I got all Betty Crocker-y after looking at Pinterest too and made a couple of patriotic desserts. Here they are:

Patriotic Strawberries
Found at Occasionally Crafty via Pinterest

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  1. Those 4th of July desserts look fantastic (and healthy)! I was lucky this year because I was on vacation this week anyway. We didn't do anything for the 4th as we were in Canada but I did have a nice time off.

    I've never been to Dollywood but used to pass billboards for it when driving through Tennessee on vacations. I'm not a roller coaster person at all but I have been on a few.

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