Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts: Book Review

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts Book Cover

3 Stars. I’m having the hardest time writing this review! I’ve scrapped it once already. Ack! It took me about seven weeks to read Shantaram, mostly because I was busy and didn’t have much time to devote to it. I think having that much time to think about what I was reading allowed me to read more objectively than I otherwise […]

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Moloka’i by Alan Brennert: Book Review

Seven-year-old Rachel Kalama is living in Honolulu in 1893. Her life is punctuated with a child’s hopes and dreams and drama. Her father is a sailor, and she loves it when he comes home on leave, mostly because she’s excited to see him, but also because she loves to hear his stories about the wider Continue Reading…

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Poison by Sara Poole: Book Review

“The Spaniard died in agony. That much was evident from the contortions of his once handsome face and limbs and the black foam caking his lips. A horrible death to be sure, one only possible from that most feared of weapons: ‘Poison.’”* What an opening to a page-turner of a book! Especially when the protagonist, Continue Reading…

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