Beautiful by Stacy McAnulty: Book Review

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Beautiful by Stacy McAnulty Book Cover
Title: Beautiful

My Synopsis:

Stacy McAnulty celebrates beautiful girls everywhere in this picture book. Whether she’s recognized for her intelligence, curiosity, adventurous spirit, imagination, kindness, or some other trait, every girl is beautiful.

My Review:

Oh my goodness! I loved this book!

I love the way the illustrations subvert the text. If I were only reading the words, I would expect a stereotypical princess playing tea with her dolls (I love those little girls but that doesn’t reflect every girl’s interests). For example,

“Beautiful girls move gracefully. And light up every room.”

These sentences are accompanied by illustrations of female athletes (some in wheelchairs) and girls camping in their tents while reading their books by lantern light or star-gazing.

The illustrator, Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, tried to include a diverse cast and did an amazing job. She shows girls in wheelchairs, Black girls, Asian girls, girls with straight hair, and girls with unruly curly hair. I can’t express how much I loved these curly girls! As a curly girl myself, I know that our hair is never tamed and seems to always have twigs or grass in it when we’re young. Instead of teaching us to straighten it, teach us to embrace it!

I highly, highly recommend this book for young and even not-so-young girls. We’re all beautiful in our own ways and this adorable picture books reinforces that fact so well.

“It’s all about
your clothes,
your hair,
your style,


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  1. Wow, that’s like reframing all the hackneyed rules / stereotypes into healthier ones — and in a really cool way too. Seems like the perfect gift for kids, and adults alike.

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