Dark Waters by Katherine Arden: Book Review

Dark Waters by Katherine Arden

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Dark Waters by Katherine Arden
Title: Dark Waters
Series Number: 3

My Synopsis:

Ollie, Coco, and Brian continue to research The Smiling Man while trying to avoid his unwanted attentions. Their grades have started to slip a little and their parents notice that something is going on. But they’re all excited to take a break and sail on Lake Champlain while learning about the lake’s mythological monster, Champ. But all does not go according to plan….

My Review:

This was another fun installment in the Small Spaces series, with just the right amount of creepy for middle grade readers.

I like that Brian is a little more in the spotlight in this book. Ollie tends to be the group’s natural leader but her attentions are elsewhere throughout most of the novel. Brian really steps up. It was nice to see more of the action through his eyes.

A new(ish) character, Phil, is added to the group. Our protagonists thought they were the only ones who remembered the events of the first book, Small Spaces. Phil remembers what happened but he thought it was all a nightmare. Phil was a jerk when we first met him back then but he’s had time to reflect on his actions and grow in the months since then. I like his inclusion.

I’m glad I listened to this so close to the release of the fourth and final book because it ends on a terrible cliffhanger! I need to know what happens to resolve all of this.

Renee Dorian’s narration of the audiobook was delightful, as expected.

I highly recommend this series for readers who like their books with a touch of supernatural suspense.

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  1. Nice review! Honestly, I had forgotten about Phil getting added to this book (even though he has a prominent place especially at the start of it). Thanks for the reminder! I’m hoping to read the final book in the series soon, so the reminder was very timely. 🙂

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