Pages to Fill by Travis Baldree: Story Review

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Pages to Fill
Title: Pages to Fill
Series Number: 0.5

My Review:

When I realized this short story is a prequel to Legends & Lattes, I knew exactly which incident from Viv’s earlier life that I hope it addressed and that’s exactly what I got. Yay! It’s so strongly related to the book, that I really think it could have been edited a bit more and turned into a fairly long prologue.

I never could get all of the members of Viv’s gang straightened out in the book, and despite spending more time with them in this story, I still can’t. Their personalities are almost interchangeable to me.

It’s still a fun entry in the series and you should definitely read it if your edition of Legends & Lattes includes it.

My Synopsis:

Viv and her gang are in search of a talented thief, who leads them on a more difficult and thought-provoking chase than they bargained for.

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