Deep Storm by Lincoln Child: Book Review

Deep Storm by Lincoln Child Book Cover

2 Stars. This book really wasn’t for me for a lot of reasons that might not bother other readers. The first thing to really irritate me was the mansplaining. A female doctor is already onboard. Instead of treating her as a valued colleague, Crane marches in, assumes she doesn’t know anything about rarer diseases, and completely […]

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The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb by Melanie Benjamin: Book Review

The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb by Melanie Benjamin Book Cover

Vinnie had a fascinating life. She did actually marry Charles Stratton, “General Tom Thumb,” who toured with P.T. Barnum from the age of 5 until his death. Vinnie started her career with the American Museum but after her marriage, she and Charles toured Europe, the US, and eventually the world. That trip would have been almost […]

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Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok: Book Review

Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok Book Cover

4.5 Stars. This book was so heartbreaking so much of the time. I adored Kimberly. She’s such a good daughter, friend, and student. She’s trying so hard to be everything to everyone. Her life is always hard, but it’s hardest when she first arrives, with no comprehension of American culture and little comprehension of the language […]

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The Bat by Jo Nesbø: Book Review

Norwegian Inspector Harry Hole is sent to Australia as something of a consultant/observer in the investigation of the murder of a Norwegian woman. Based on this, the first book in the series and my first Harry Hole book, I’m not clear why these are so popular. I can only assume they get better. Maybe it Continue Reading…

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A couple of books I “Did Not Finish”

I will usually finish any book I start, but I am slowly learning that sometimes it’s better to cut my losses and move on.  Here are two that I’ve given up on recently. The Phantom of Pemberley by Regina Jeffers Synopsis from GoodReads: Newlyweds Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet knew their first year of married Continue Reading…

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