Vintage by Susan Gloss: Book Review

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Cover of Vintage by Susan Gloss

3 Stars

Violet Turner owns a vintage clothing shop in Madison, Wisconsin. She’s on her own after her rocky marriage ended and she likes it that way. She’s always dreamed of owning a shop like this and she’s happy enough.

Then she finds out that she’s being evicted from her building, a good friend asks her to hire a pregnant teenager, and several of her customers’ lives are falling apart at the seams as well. Will this circle of friends get each other through these tough times?

I did enjoy this a lot, I just had a good idea where it was going from the beginning.

I did like all of the characters and the strong stances they took. They’ve made mistakes in the past but they’ve learned from them. They’re going to live life on their terms now. I think women need to be reminded to do that from time to time. April, the pregnant teen, has had a pretty tough life but she’s doing the best she can. Amithi’s marriage is disintegrating and she’s questioning her whole life. Betsy is a do-gooder who’s trying to get them all straightened out. Violet is the main character and I liked her a lot. She’s caring, pretty spunky, and trying to keep her business afloat. I especially liked her taste in clothes!

I wanted so badly to visit this shop, it was ridiculous! I do actually have a taste for vintage clothes but you would never know it to look at my usual uniform of jeans and tees. I just don’t have the patience to dig through all the junk to find the treasure. I need to find a store like this where someone like Violet has done the digging for me! I loved reading the descriptions of the items in the store.

This was a fun read with a good reminder added in. It was a tad predictable but that can be comforting at times. If you’re interested, you should definitely give it a try. It’s worth picking up for the cover alone!

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy for review.

Vintage is released today!

Find author Susan Gloss on her website; her blog, Glossing Over It; Facebook; Twitter; and her vintage Etsy shop, Cleverly Curated.

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