Review Link-Ups for the 2016 Books in Translation Reading Challenge

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Please link your reviews for the 2016 Books in Translation Reading Challenge here. Looking for the “rules” or the sign up page? Click here or click on the button.

I’ll track my progress here. I’m aiming for the Beginner level.

Please link to your review and not your blog home page. My suggested format is the title of your blog and then the title of the book in parentheses.

Example: The Introverted Reader (War and Peace)

1. Mark @ hpg (Japanese Love Poetry)
2. Mark @ hpg (The Property by Modan)
3. Emma @ Words And Peace (Couple Mechanics – from the French)
4. Serpent (Julemandens breve – Letters from Father Christmas in Danish)
5. Mark @ hpg (Aesop, Five Centuries of Illustrated Fables)
6. Mark @ hpg (Exit Wounds by Modan)
7. Melinda @ My Book Self [I Am a Bacha Posh]
8. Blog Events (Katie @ Doing Dewey)
9. Geography of Genius (Katie @ Doing Dewey)
10. Mark @ hpg (Ode to Kirihito by Tezuka)
11. Mark @ hpg (Aya by Abouet & Oubrerie – Aya)
12. Melinda @ My Book Self [How’s the Pain?]
13. Mark @ hpg (Jamilti & Other Stories by Modan)
14. Avid Series Reader
15. Avid Series Reader (The Pyramid)
16. Emma @ Words And Peace (Oblivion – from the Russian))
17. Lily Newman (The Cyberiad) Poland
18. Emma @ Words And Peace (Toward the Endless Day – from the French)
19. Emma @ Words And Peace (How to Talk About PLaces You’ve Never Been – French)
20. Emma @ Words And Peace (Too Close to the Edge – French)
21. In Other Words (Katie @ Doing Dewey)
22. Voices of Chernobyl (Katie @ Doing Dewey)
23. Avid Series Reader – Death in August
24. Serpent (Paulo Coelho: The Devil and Miss Prym in Spanish)
25. Serpent (Miranda Gray: Red Moon in Italian)
26. The Dogs of Riga – Swedish (Maphead’s Book Blog)
27. Emma @ Words And Peace (Mon amie am�ricaine – from the French)
28. Limonov -French (Maphead’s Book Blog)
29. Britt-Marie Was Here (Katie @ Doing Dewey)
30. Mark @ hpg (Apollo’s Song by Tezuka)
31. Emma @ Words And Peace (In Other Words – Italian)
32. Emma @ Words And Peace (Tainted Tokay -French)
33. Underground in Berlin- German (Maphead’s Book Blog)
34. Emma @ Words And Peace (Villa Triste – French)
35. Emma @ Words And Peace (Lacombe Lucien)
36. Mark @ hpg (Black Butler I & II by Toboso)
37. Avid Series Reader (Time Heals No Wounds)
38. Mark @ hpg (Black Butler III & IV by Toboros)
39. Syrian Dust – Italian (Maphead’s Book Blog)
40. The Vegeratian – Korean (Emma @ Words And Peace)
41. Emma @ Words And Peace (Constellation – French))
42. Joy @A Little Reading (Inkheart)
43. Avid Series Reader (Skylight)
44. Serpent (Treze � mesa – Lord Edgware Dies by Agatha Christie, in Portuguese)
45. Emma @ Words And Peace (The President’s Hat – French)
46. Emma @ Words And Peace (The Eskimo Solution – French)
47. Avid Series Reader (The Swimmer)
48. Emma @ Words And Peace (Orthodox Spiriruality – Romanian)
49. Emma @ Words And Peace (The Madonna of Notre Dame – French)
50. Marcelle @ lesserknowngems (Ch�ri – French)
51. Marcelle @ lesserknowngems (The devil’s pool – French)
52. Marcelle @ lesserknowngems (Ch�ri- French)
53. Marcelle @ lesserknowngems (Mitrea Cocor – Romanian)
54. Marcelle @ lesserknowngems (To be or not to (be) by H.C. Andersen – Danish)
55. Emma @ Words And Peace (French Rhapsody)
56. Emma @ Words And Peace (The Black Notebook – French)
57. Serpent (Mary Roach – Gulp/Glup, in Spanish)
58. Serpent (Sergey Dovlatov: Compromesso/The Compromise, in Italian)
59. Serpent (Jeff Kinney – Dog Days/Usla utsikter, in Swedish)
60. Serpent (David Eddings – The Treasured One/La grande dea, in Italian)
61. Serpent (Ra�l – Inteligenti plan/Intelligent design, partially read)
62. Emma @ Words And Peace (The Invoice – Swedish)
63. Serpent (David Eddings – Crystal Gorge/Abisso di cristallo, in Italian)
64. Emma @ France Book Tours/Words And Peace (The Suicide Shop – French)
65. Joy @ A Little Reading (People in the Photo)
66. Joy @ A Little Reading (This Too Shall Pass)
67. Joy @ A Little Reading (Tainted Tokay)
68. Cat on the Bookshelf (Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 1)
69. Cat on the Bookshelf (A Bride’s Story, Vol. 1)
70. Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination (All 5 books)

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  1. I've completed the challenge! (linguist level)
    definitely hoping to read at least one more book in translation, maybe more.
    Note that I started 6 of the books in 2013-2015 😀 And I still have lots of translated books in progress!

  2. How do you feel about partially read books? I'm not fluent in Croatian and I found something that looked interesting on bookdepository, only to realize it's a book about "intelligent design", by that Raël guy… it looked like sci-fi haha.
    I read some parts (in total around 50 pages) out of curiosity and because I was annoyed that I had accidentally bought such a book (it can be downloaded as a free PDF too). But this kinda shows what kind of adventures you can have with books in translation, right? 😀

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