Die, Snow White! Die, Damn You! by Yuri Rasovsky: Book Review

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Cover of Die, Snow White! Die, Damn You! by Yuri Rasovsky1 Star

Synopsis from GoodReads:

With the premiere of two new film versions of the Snow White tale, Blackstone enters the fray with its own adult, edgy, and not altogether serious full-cast exposé of fairy-taledom. At last it can be told! Was Snow White really as pure as the driven snow? Did her allegedly wicked stepmother get a bum rap from the Grimm brothers? What went on behind the closed Dutch doors of the dwarves’ cottage? How many handsome princes does it take to screw in a light bulb? These and other burning questions may or may not be answered in this new pseudogothic audio play that Blackstone commissioned from award-winning author and audio dramatist Yuri Rasovsky

I chose to listen to this because it showed up in my digital library’s “recently added” lists and I recognized it as having been nominated for a couple of Audie awards. “I can’t go wrong with something that’s been nominated for an award, right?” I reasoned with myself.


It was terrible.

Had it been any longer than two hours, I would have stopped after about 30 minutes. I felt the writer was trying way too hard to be funny and as a result, the whole thing just fell flat. The plot, such as it was, would circle miles out of the way to set up a joke that didn’t even make me smile.

The basics are here–the evil stepmother, Snow White, the mother wishing for a child fitting Snow White’s description…I guess that’s about it. There were tons of other fairy- and folk tale creatures dragged in by the skin of their teeth, which I should have loved, but I didn’t. I mostly didn’t see any rhyme or reason for who was included and who wasn’t. I honestly can’t even remember what happened to most of them.

Snow White was super annoying. I believe that was kind of the point, but man, she set my teeth on edge. She’s supposed to be about fifteen but she’s voiced by Sandra Oh, who is at least as far from fifteen as I am, and she generally acts about two years old. Temper tantrums? Seriously? Not attractive or enjoyable.

I could go on but I won’t. I’m sure there’s an audience for this, I just don’t know who it would be. If you’re interested, don’t let me dissuade you from trying it out; at two hours long, you don’t have much to lose.

Listen to an excerpt.

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  1. Yikes! I've been listening to some of The Audie Award nominees and have to wonder who is choosing these as the cream of the crop?!

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