Alice at Heart by Deborah Smith: Book Review

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Alice at Heart

4 Stars

Alice has always been the odd one in her small Appalachian community. She loves water, her hair grows incredibly fast, her feet are slightly webbed, and somehow her personality has just never “fit in.” She’s done her best all her life to blend into the background, but she gets quite a bit of publicity when she rescues someone. She hates being in the public eye, but ultimately it brings her to the attention of some women who can give her answers about her past and why she’s so different.

Let me say right up front that I won this book in a GR giveaway. I don’t think that’s affected my rating and review, but in the interest of full disclosure, there it is.

The book started off a little disjointed for me because I wasn’t very clear about what to expect. But by the time I was 20-30 pages in, it was all coming together and I was starting to enjoy the book. It only got better all the way through. I liked the characters and the mystery of what happened the night a boat sank, 40 years ago. I liked the family histories and legends of the characters. I particularly liked the way that the fantasy element was woven in like it was no big deal. Just make this one little leap of faith and all of a sudden you’ve got the real world with a little more magic in it. That’s always fun.

The book had a feel (but not a plot) a little like the movie Practical Magic and the book Garden Spells, with maybe just a little of the drama and mystery of The Pilot’s Wife thrown in. Fans of these books would certainly enjoy this one.

Reviewed October 24, 2008

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