One Good Knight by Mercedes Lackey: Book Review

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One Good Knight

3 Stars

Princess Andromeda feels like she can’t do anything right. Her mother, Queen Cassiopeia, always seems to be disappointed in Andie’s appearance and her tendency to have her nose in a book. Finally, Andie finds a way to prove her value as a researcher to her mother–just in time to help try to discover a way to keep a marauding dragon happy. Unfortunately, the method she discovers involves sacrificing a virgin weekly. When Andie’s name is drawn, can she find a way to save herself, or will this be a job for a Champion? And what exactly attracted the dragon to the kingdom in the first place?

This was the second in Mercedes Lackey’s Five Hundred Kingdoms series. I didn’t enjoy the overall plot as much as I enjoyed the first in the series, The Fairy Godmother, but the story was still fun and there were a few little things that I did like more in this book. First of all, there were no silly sex scenes. It wasn’t bad in the first book, but they felt sort of pointless, so I definitely didn’t miss them here. Second, they used a good copyeditor for this book. Most of the distracting italics are gone (a very good thing!). The story was still unpredictable and interesting, I just didn’t care about the characters as much. Speaking of characters, Elena and Alexander make a few cameos in this book. I liked them so much from the first book that I was thrilled to have them show up here.

Overall, still fun fluff, but start with The Fairy Godmother and don’t expect quite as much from this one.

Reviewed August 21, 2008

My review of the first in the series, The Fairy Godmother.

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  1. I enjoy this series. I actually liked this one more than the first one because of the scenes you mentioned. I really liked the character of Andie. The other book in this series I enjoyed was The Sleeping Beauty. I hope Mercedes Lackey will keep writing these fractured fairy tales. They are a lot of fun to read when I want something lighthearted.

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