Naked in Death by J. D. Robb: Book Review

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4 Stars

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is assigned to lead a high-profile murder investigation into the death of a Senator’s granddaughter. But the granddaughter was a “licensed companion,” i.e. prostitute, and she was murdered in a pretty graphic way. Working mostly alone, Dallas must find the murderer before he kills again.

I had such a love/hate relationship with this book at times. Mostly, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. But then Roarke, the drop-dead gorgeous bazillionaire and number 1 suspect (with an Irish accent, no less!), would do something that was supposed to be all hot and dominating, I assume, and irritate the absolute hell out of me. As a completely made-up example, let me offer this: “No, I’m not trying to seduce you right now, Lieutenant. When I do decide to seduce you, I won’t be trying, I’ll be doing it. And you’ll like it more than you’ve ever liked anything in your life.” Again, that is completely my own fabrication but it is true to how I perceived Roarke. I was hoping Eve would kick him in the balls a few times, just to bring his ego down to size. Either he got better as the book progressed or I resigned myself to him, but either way it didn’t bother me as much by the end. I actually liked him a lot when he gave all that crap a rest.

Roarke’s ego aside, I have to admit that I couldn’t wait to get in my car and continue listening to this book. I don’t really read romance novels, I guess because I assume it’s all “heaving bosoms,” etc. and my sense of humor would get in the way of all that mess. So I started this with some trepidation. I was hooked in the first half-hour.

I really liked Eve Dallas. She’s a strong loner who obviously has a pretty messed-up past. She’s a woman in a man’s world, even in the near future of 2058, but she’s doing well for herself. She refuses to be intimidated by the Senator or her own superiors. She is investigating this murder her way and she knows she’ll crack it if they’ll just leave her alone.

I kind of guessed whodunnit pretty early on. There was much more to it than I expected though and I was honestly shocked when everything was revealed. I do wonder if the narrator may have unconsciously clued me in a little. One voice was pretty creepy with no real reason and that was the person I zeroed in on.

I did love Susan Ericksen’s narration. Her characters had voices that were just distinct enough that I could easily keep track of who was speaking without being distracting. I would definitely listen to more books she’s narrated.

I found the very, very end to be kind of silly and a little weak. Luckily that was short and followed some pretty intense action.

There was some pretty graphic violence toward women and girls in this book. If that’s a trigger for you, you should stay away. It’s never gratuitous or presented as anything other than sick and disgusting, but it is definitely there.

Otherwise, I recommend this if you think you can overlook Roarke’s raging ego. Eve is a strong heroine and the resolution was a surprise. I’ll be continuing the series on audio.

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  1. If you want to try other romance books, look at the author Jennifer Crusie. She has a great sense of humor and a deft touch of character.

    I'm still reading the "In Death" books, although by now I'm more interested in the other characters and just accept Eve and Roarke.

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