The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly: Book Review

The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly Book Cover

3 Stars. I’m so torn. I adore A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. Like, top-five-books-ever adore it. So I know she can write. But this is her debut novel and it shows. It also got laughably melodramatic. There’s a better word to describe this book but it’s escaping me. Dickensian? Maybe. Fiona’s tragedies just pile one on […]

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Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly: Book Review

Andi has pretty much hit rock bottom and kept falling. She’s a gifted musician and student, but her younger brother’s death has sent her into a destructive downward spiral. When her mostly-absent father finds out that she’s in danger of flunking out of school, he hauls her off to Paris with him for winter break, Continue Reading…

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