Dog On It by Spencer Quinn: Book Review

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Cover of Dog On It by Spencer Quinn

4 Stars

Chet and his human, Bernie, are a private investigating team. When a missing teen case comes their way, Bernie is initially reluctant to take it. He eventually does and the girl shows up under her own steam hours later.

But then she goes missing for real. Bernie can just feel that something is really wrong this time. He and Chet go on the hunt, knowing that the more time passes without a ransom note, the worse things look for the missing girl.

What a cute book! Chet just cracked me up! Unlike Enzo, the wise canine narrator of The Art of Racing in the Rain, Chet is all dog. His attention span is short. He loves a good steak. He loves treats and the people who hand them out. Unless that person is a perp. Then he’d rather have a bite of their pant leg. And he definitely wants to meet the lady dog he hears barking down the street…

I had a good idea from pretty early on what was going to happen because Chet stumbles into it. The suspense comes from wondering if Bernie’s going to figure it out in time.

Bits of the story seemed implausible, but there are amazing animal stories in the news all the time. Who am I to say what Chet could or couldn’t do?

I read this on the treadmill at the gym, and it was great for passing the time. I was so caught up in Chet and Bernie that I didn’t spend too much time watching the clock. I don’t think I ever laughed out loud, but it was a close thing. I know I was grinning like an idiot a few times.

Don’t expect classic literature here, but if you’re intrigued by the idea of a funny mystery told by a loveable, mostly goofy dog, pick this up.

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