Character Connection: Francesca Giordano

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Francesca Giordano is the main character in Poison by Sara Poole. I can’t write a better post than what I wrote in my review, so I’m just going to excerpt it here.

Francesca was a great character. She’s so very earnest in her narration. Her tone actually reminded me a little of Mary Russell, Sherlock Holmes’ protégée. She’s very confident in her abilities as a poisoner, but she soon realizes that she’s up against a very clever opponent. She could have remained over-confident, but she adjusts her thinking. She’s also living in a time when anyone outside the “norm” is a heretic and only fit for poverty and starvation at best. She’s open-minded enough to learn the lessons that she needs to. She likes to kill and that disturbs her a little. She thinks of herself as a creature of the darkness. She doesn’t realize that she’s working for the light in a roundabout way. She can only think of her actions and her theological questions and assume that she’s probably doomed. But she still continues to do her best.

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