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Please link your reviews for the 2015 Books in Translation Reading Challenge here. Looking for the “rules” or the sign up page? Click here or click on the button.

I’ll track my progress here. I’m aiming low this year, for the Beginner level. This one’s always a struggle for me!

  1. The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Phillip Sendker
  2. Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët
  3. The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George
  4. The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
  5. The Discreet Hero by Mario Vargas Llosa, translated by Edith Grossman

Update as of January 1, 2016: I completed this challenge! I haven’t finished The Discreet Hero yet but I’m over halfway through so I’m going to count it toward this year’s challenge. Thanks for joining me!

Please link to your review and not your blog home page. My suggested format is the title of your blog and then the title of the book in parentheses.

Example: The Introverted Reader (War and Peace)

1. Based on a True Story (Victoire)
2. Lois@ You, Me and a Cup of Tea (Beowulf)
3. The Snowman by Jo Nesbo (Sleepless Reader)
4. 18% Gray – Bulgarian (Maphead’s Book Blog)
5. Jean @ Howling Frog Books (Prisoners of Power)
6. Jean @ Howling Frog Books (Journey Through Wales)
7. Sleepless Reader (We, the Drowned)
8. Jean @ Howling Frog Books (The Case of Comrade Tulayev)
9. Avid Series Reader (Thursday Night Widows)
10. The Rabbit Back Literature Society-Finnish(Musings of a Bibliophile)
11. Who Ate Up All The Shinga? (Sharlene @ Olduvai Reads)
12. Heather @ Based on a True Story (American Visa)
13. The Story of a New Name by Elena Ferrante (Sharlene @ Olduvai Reads)
14. Jean @ Howling Frog Books (Letters to a Young Poet)
15. The Vegetarian by Han Kang @ Jess resides here
16. Sasti @ Legitur ( Harry Potter dan Pangeran Berdarah Campuran )
17. Sasti @ Legitur ( Harry Potter dan Relikui Kematian )
18. Sasti @ Legitur ( The Hunger Games )
19. Sasti @ Legitur ( Harry Potter dan Piala Api )
20. Sasti @ Legitur (Harry Potter dan Orde Phenix )
21. Sasti @ Legitur (Gone Girl-Yang Hilang)
22. Sasti @ Legitur (Harry Potter dan Tawanan Azkaban)
23. Sasti @ Legitur (Harry Potter dan Kamar Rahasia)
24. Sasti @ Legitur (Catching Fire-Tersulut)
25. Sasti @ Legitur (Mockingjay)
26. Sasti @ Legitur (City of Bones)
27. Sasti @ Legitur (City of Ashes)
28. alberta ross
29. Heather @ Based on a True Story (The Rabbit Back Literature Society)
30. Sasti @ Legitur (City of Glass)
31. Sasti @ Legitur (City of Fallen Angels)
32. Sasti @ Legitur (City of Lost Souls)
33. Emma @ Words And Peace (Cognac Conspiracies)
34. Sasti @ Legitur (City of Heavenly Fire)
35. Jean @ Howling Frog (Street of Crocodiles)
36. Jean @ Howling Frog (Gandhi’s autobiography)
37. Sharlene @ Olduvai Reads (The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai)
38. Jean @ Howling Frog (Analects)
39. Becky (Wycliffe New Testament 1388)
40. Becky (Tyndale New Testament 1534)
41. Jen @ greeniezona (Purge)
42. Jean @ Howling Frog (Chess)
43. Emma @ Words And Peace (By Night the Mountain Burns)
44. Jean @ Howling Frog (Faust)
45. Avid Series Reader (Sidetracked)
46. Based on a True Story (The Shadow of the Wind)
47. Jean @ Howling Frog (RUR)
48. Jean @ Howling Frog (Sanaaq)
49. Jen @ greeniezona (The Death of Ivan Ilyich)
50. Jen @ greeniezona (Lesab�ndio)
51. Based on a True Story (The LIttle Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules)
52. Jen @ greeniezona (The Lake)
53. Jen @ greeniezona (We)
54. Jean @ Howling Frog (Galileo)
55. Heather @ Based on a True Story (I’m Off Then)
56. Emma @ Words And Peace (The Ravens)
57. Jean @ Howling Frog (Secret History)
58. Alex@Sleepless Reader (Aya)
59. Alex@Sleepless Reader (Malice)
60. His Own Man – Portuguese (Maphead’s Book Blog)
61. Jean @ Howling Frog (Makioka Sisters)
62. Jean @ Howling Frog (Falling in Love)
63. Emma @ Words And Peace (Mayhem in Margaux)
64. Jean @ Howling Frog (My Uncle Napoleon)
65. Emma @ Words And Peace (The End of Days)
66. Emma @ Words And Peace (Look Who’s Back)
67. Emma @ Words And Peace (George’s Grand Tour)
68. Avid Series Reader (The Keeper of Lost Causes)
69. Emma @ Words And Peace (Suspended Sentences)
70. Jean @ Howling Frog (Song of the Volsungs)
71. Jean @ Howling Frog (African in Greenland)
72. Emma @ Words And Peace (The Travels of Daniel Ascher)
73. Jean @ Howling Frog (Cloud Messenger)
74. Jean @ Howling Frog (Ecclesiastical History of the English People )
75. Emma @ Words And Peace (The Room)
76. Jean @ Howling Frog (Gulag Archipelago)
77. Jean @ Howling Frog (Arabian Nights and Days)
78. Avid Series Reader (Cockroaches)
79. Emma @ Words And Peace (The Collector)
80. Heather @ Based on a True Story (The Swede)
81. Pope John XXIII: A Spiritual Biography – German (Maphead’s Book Blog)
82. Sasti @ Legitur (Clockwork Princess)
83. Sasti @ Legitur (Clockwork Prince)
84. Sasti @ Legitur (Clockwork Angel)
85. Sasti @ Legitur (The Darkest Mind)
86. Sasti @ Legitur (The Maze Runner)
87. Sasti @ Legitur (The Tiger’s Voyage)
88. Sasti @ Legitur (The Tiger’s Quest)
89. Sasti @ Legitur (Insurgent)
90. Sasti @ Legitur (Tiger’s Curse)
91. Sasti @ Legitur (Stollen Songbird)
92. Sasti @ Legitur (Acroos the Universe)
93. Emma @ Words And Peace (Montmartre Mysteries)
94. Emma @ Words And Peace (In A Grove)
95. Emma @ Words And Peace (Rashoumon)
96. Emma @ Words And Peace (The 6:41 to Paris)
97. Jean @ Howling Frog (Tevye the Dairyman)
98. Jean @ Howling Frog (The True Deceiver)
99. 1913: The Year Before the Storm -German (Maphead’s Book Blog)
100. Emma @ Words And Peace (Sagan, Paris 1954))
101. Jean @ Howling Frog (three Capek plays)
102. Jean @ Howling Frog (The Hand of a Great Master)
103. Emma @ Words And Peace (The Lady Agnes Mystery)
104. Jean @ Howling Frog (Ancrene Riwle)
105. Jean @ Howling Frog (Brothers Karamazov)
106. Jean @ Howling Frog (The Castle)
107. Jean @ Howling Frog (Women and Appletrees)
108. Jean @ Howling Frog (Travels of Marco Polo)
109. Joy @A Little Reading (Backstabbing in Beaujolais)
110. Jean @ Howling Frog (Chaka)
111. Lois@ You, Me and a Cup of Tea (Agamemnon)
112. Lois@ You, Me and a Cup of Tea (The Brothers Karamazov)
113. Lois@ You, Me and a Cup of Tea (Germinal)
114. Jean @ Howling Frog (Absolute at Large)
115. Meditation: Mindful Meditations for the Chronically Busy
116. RIEDEL Fascination (No One Writes To The Colonel & Other Stories)
117. Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination (The Lost Steps)
118. Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination (Astrology For Cats)
119. Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination (Aesop’s Fables)
120. RIEDEL Fascination (The Setting Lake Sun)
121. RIEDEL Fascination (The Four Musicians)
122. Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination (Heidi)
123. How to develop effective collaborative business relationships
124. 1953: An Autobiography
125. BODACIOUS BOOK TRAILERS by Petra Ortiz narrated by Evelyna Castro
126. Turbulence Ahead by Phaedra Noble
127. Paleo on the Go by Betsy Charles Wellbeing Books
128. Yarashell Abbily and Her Very Messy Room

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