Fermín Romero de Torres: Character Connection

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We all have characters we love. Let’s spotlight these fantastic creations! Whether you want to be friends with them or you have a full-blown crush on them, you know you love them and want everyone else to love them too!

Most of you will probably post about how much you love each character, but this is a great place for the more creative ones among you to let go and have fun! Write a love letter to Captain Wentworth. Write yourself into a scene with Anne and Diana. Draw a picture of yourself in Jamie’s arms. The possibilities are endless.

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The Shadow of the Wind Book Cover

Oh my gosh. I have been a little disappointed with Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s work since reading The Shadow of the Wind, but I think that’s because he raised the bar so impossibly high with that book. His language (and that of the translator) is gorgeous, and this is a beautiful, Gothic book.   It is a bibliophile’s book.  And then there’s Fermín.

Oh, Fermín! You shattered my heart so many times!

Fermín is not perfect by any means. His arrival into the book is less than fortuitous, to say the least. The Spanish Civil War has left him a wreck. But Daniel Sempere and his father see something worth salvaging in the old soldier. They are so right.

He’s funny, he’s loyal, he’s chivalrous, he’s everything you could want in a companion. He laughs, he cries, he loves, he mourns, he faces his fears and he comes out stronger.  See why I’m in love with this man?  I’m afraid that if I start going on, I’ll start getting into spoilers, so let me just leave you with this quote from the book and what I said about it in my review:

He and Daniel had this whole Scent of a Woman thing going on that I loved. Fermin: “The female heart is a labyrinth of subtleties, too challenging for the uncouth mind of the male racketeer. If you really want to possess a woman, you must think like her, and the first thing to do is to win over her soul. The rest, that sweet, soft wrapping that steals away your senses and your virtue, is a bonus.” What woman could resist a man like that? Not this one!

I’m too sleepy to dig out my copy of the book, so I’ll direct to you to Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s quote page on GoodReads. The ones from The Shadow of the Wind that are about a life will-lived are probably from Fermín. There are some true treasures to be found in there.

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  1. This is a great book and he is definitely memorable. I also thought that Javier Formero was one of the creepiest bad guys ever!

  2. +JMJ+

    He sounds like the sort of fictional hero who makes romance harder for real-life guys. =P That quote is really something!

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