Forever by Maggie Stiefvater: Book Review

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Cover of Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

4 Stars


Now that Grace is a wolf, Sam finds himself at loose ends. He and Cole are rattling around Beck’s house and generally irritating each other. Mr. Culpeper is still determined to do something about the local wolf problem. Cole is determined to find a cure. The wolves’ lives are in the balance as this trilogy races to its conclusion.

I’ve waited entirely too long to write this review so it will be short and vague.

I still really, really like Cole and Isabel, which is weird because I think I would loathe them in real life. But when contrasted with Sam’s passiveness, I’m drawn to their action and determination, even if does appear to be self-destructive. Sam? He’s just too good. Like, if you kicked him, he would just look at you with big hurt eyes silently asking how you could do this to him as you drew your foot back to kick him again. Grow a spine, dude.

I don’t think I was entirely caught up in the book until about halfway through. At first it felt like more of the same. Sam misses Grace and Beck. Isabel is angry. Mr. Culpeper is angry. Shelby is crazy. Cole seems to be angry. But Cole and Isabel are driving this book. When it became apparent what was going on, my interest definitely piqued. When I knew I was getting close to the big climax, I sat for a couple of hours in my dining room chair, hanging over my empty dinner plate, reading for the finish because I could not put the book down long enough to even put my plate away. When I finally finished, I was stiff from sitting in one position too long and I had to do some major scrubbing of the dishes. But it was worth it. My heart was pounding and I was on the edge of my seat as I hurriedly read to see what was going to happen to the wolves, not wanting to finish the trilogy but at the same time desperately needing to know what happened. I’m entirely satisfied with the ending and it was not anything that I saw coming.

If you’ve read this far into the series, I know you’ll read Forever. Just know that I think you’ll be happy with it as well.

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  1. I've only read the first one and wasn't horribly impressed but people keep telling me to read the rest so I can meet Cole. I guess I should give the rest a go.

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