Heartless by Gail Carriger: Book Review

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Cover of Heartless by Gail Carriger

4 Stars


Alexia Maccon, nee Tarrabotti, is back in residence at Woolsey Castle. She’s gloriously pregnant, not very happy with the way the infant-inconvenience is trying to slow her down, and firmly resolved to keep on with her daily business as usual. When a ghost appears to her and manages to gasp out a warning about a plot on the Queen’s life, Alexia starts trying to stop events before they get out of hand.

Alexia is back and how I do love her! I haven’t reviewed Blameless because I was a little disappointed in it. Not that it wasn’t good–it was–it just didn’t live up to the incredibly high expectations I have for this series. With Heartless, I feel that we’re back on track.

What I really love about this series is the characters. They are all just so memorable! We’re getting up to a pretty big cast now and I have no trouble keeping track of them. Of course soulless, pragmatic Alexia is far and away my favorite, but Lord Maccon, Lord Akeldama, Madame Lefoux, Floote, Biffy, Ivy–I just love them all. I sit reading, grinning like an idiot, with the occasional giggle (Zombie porcupines? Really?) and laughter (There’s a new character at the end whom I just can’t wait to see more of).

This being a book about Alexia Maccon, the action is of course practically nonstop, if leaning a bit more toward waddling than striding. I would snatch it up every chance I got just to read a few more lines. The climax has to last 50 pages but it never flagged; it just kept getting better and better. By the time things wrapped up, I was delighted with how thoroughly Ms. Carriger had managed to shake up London’s supernatural scene.

Read this series for smart, tongue-in-cheek humor with characters whom you will immediately love.

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