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I must confess here that I am one of the few readers in this world who did not fall in love with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. It was okay, but I didn’t think it was all that everyone makes it out to be. The character of Lisbeth Salander is probably the only thing that made me read the next book. What an enigma she is.

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I’m working off memory because I don’t own the books, but I think I’ll get everything right.  I’m sure Fiona at The Book Coop will keep me honest! 😉 From my review:

But speaking of Salander, I am hopelessly intrigued by her. She was really the big draw of the book for me. Asocial, a little goth, super-intelligent, mysterious, and with a preternatural ability to sniff out someone’s deepest, darkest secrets, I always wanted to know more about her. There are little clues here and there, but we don’t find out too much of her personal story. I’m hoping that we’ll learn more as the trilogy goes along.

Salander looks almost asexual. She’s 24 when the book opens, tiny, flat-chested and has no other curves to speak of. People mistake her for a boy at first glance.

She’s come to the attention of the authorities through some brushes with the law, but when they try to question her, or even find out how well she functions, she just shuts down.  She doesn’t feel that she has anything to prove to them, so they decide that she must be mentally deficient in some way.  They couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t think genius even begins to cover the level of her intelligence. She’s a world-class computer hacker who basically just likes to learn about people as a hobby. She’s in there, poking away at all these private files and accounts on computers, but she never blackmails anyone or steals their money. She’s just curious and she just likes the challenge. She’s landed a job as an investigator at a prestigious security firm in Sweden. They might not like the way she dresses, but they are impressed with the results she produces.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie Poster

At Salander’s heart though, is a woman who hates “men who hate women” (the book’s title in Swedish.) Once she catches a whiff of something like that, she doesn’t let go. It’s not like she just goes head-to-head with these jerks, or even “just” escalates matters with them. No. She annihilates them. Salander’s bad side is not a place anyone wants to be. Luckily for the rest of the world, she has a fairly long fuse. Well, maybe not long.  Longer than you would expect, let’s say.  She’s been treated badly all her life and she doesn’t ever expect anyone to treat her any better. In fact, it throws her way off balance when someone treats her with kindness. She doesn’t know what to do with that. She can shrug off mean words, but kindness puzzles her. She tries to figure out the angle they’re working and when she doesn’t find it, she throws up her hands in defeat, basically thinking that this person is a weirdo.

I went to see the Swedish movie last weekend, and it was excellent.  I actually liked it better than the book.  The actress who played Lisbeth, Noomi Rapace, was absolutely perfect.  Hollywood is in the process of casting for their own version, but I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than Rapace did.  She became Salander.  Maybe I’ll eat my words, but sometimes you should just leave perfection alone.

Oh, and if you’re wondering?  I really, really liked the second book, and learned a lot more about Salander.  She is such a great character.

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  1. I didn't like the first book so won't be reading the rest – but I have heard reviews of the film and it sounds as if I would enjoy it more. I think he had some great characters and concepts – just spent too much time on the stuff that I didn't care about and not enough on the stuff I did. I saw this funny spoof yesterday – I think you'd get a kick out of it:

  2. wow.. a woman -investigator. that sounds great. i've been dreaming of this job actually, but i'm not sure i'm very brave for it. looks like your character Lisbeth is 🙂

  3. Well, as you've mentioned hehe I love this series especially the first and second books. Good character connection JG – I love Salander I think she is the main attraction of this series.

    I love how Larsson seemed to rant on about things – he could really go off on a tangent. Salander is a bit larger then life kinda super-reality thing but she's such a cool character you just find yourself drawn to her as you have been.

    I can't wait to see the film – going to get it on DVD when it comes out methinks. I don't know if it's still in the cinemas actually I should check. Not that I want to spend £20 for crap service and stale popcorn.

    I'm also glad I read it before I really got swing of all the hype. I actually picked it up and noticed it long before I'd even heard of it – all the hype kinda passed me by I didn't even know about it. I only actually bought it after seeing someone on GR praise it to the hills – I still wasn't aware of the hype though until after I bought it. So I'm glad I let that float by before reading it otherwise I might've not liked it so much if I went into it knowing everyone else thought it was awesome. That always pressures me too much!

  4. I still haven't read the books yet and I can't wait to get a copy. Wow, the cover looks really good. A lot different than the usual covers for the book.

  5. +JMJ+

    I've only read the first part of the last book in this trilogy, which doesn't have much Lisbeth in it. I think that's why I found it so easy to put down and forget. Lisbeth sounds like the sort of character who, on a good day, grabs readers and doesn't let them go.

  6. Great character! I've heard many interesting things about Lisbeth Salander. I have yet to read these books, though. But great description, I'm intrigued.

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