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We all have characters we love. Let’s spotlight these fantastic creations! Whether you want to be friends with them or you have a full-blown crush on them, you know you love them and want everyone else to love them too!

Most of you will probably post about how much you love each character, but this is a great place for the more creative ones among you to let go and have fun! Write a love letter to Captain Wentworth. Write yourself into a scene with Anne and Diana. Draw a picture of yourself in Jamie’s arms. The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to post the book’s title and author, and be very careful not to give away spoilers while talking about how much you love your characters.

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I bet most of you know Scout Finch from Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. I love her, so you’re going to hear all about her today.

Mary Badham as Scout

Scout is a good girl at heart but she has trouble with her temper and has a hard time understanding the concept of tact. Her chosen method of resolving conflicts is with her fists, and she doesn’t see a problem with telling a poor little boy that he’s poor. But she adores her daddy, Atticus. I do too!

Atticus is a widowed dad who has his hands full with Scout. She loves him so much that usually he just has to sit her down and talk to her like a real human being (*Gasp* She’s only a child!) in order to get her to change her ways. At least for a little bit. 😉 She is hilarious and smart, and she hates school because her teachers keep trying to drag her down. They even try to make her quit reading when they find out she already knows how! I know all of you can relate to how upset that leaves her!

This story of racism in the South is told through Scout’s eyes, and, oh, what clarity she gives us. Sometimes there really is just right and wrong and children often remind us of that. Scout is horrified by how she sees Tom Robinson and her father being treated.

Mostly she’s just a little imp that you can’t help but love.  If you haven’t seen the movie version, it’s actually really good and I recommend it!  This picture is of Mary Badham playing Scout in the movie.  She was great!

I wanted to say thanks again to those of you who are posting for this meme. I love reading your posts! I’m so glad to see most of you checking out each others’ posts too! You’re all choosing fantastic characters!

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