Ten Favorite Places to Read

Favorite Places to Read

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Top Ten Tuesday

Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl invited us to share our ten favorite places to read this week. I don’t have pictures of all of these places but here goes!

Favorite Places to Read
  1. The beach. Well, now that I’ve traveled enough to really understand that not all beaches are warm, let me specify a warm, sunny beach. I love to hear the waves rushing in and out, have a cold drink by my side, and lose myself in a light-hearted book.
  2. My hammock. Since we’re traveling and renting out our house, I haven’t gotten to enjoy this spot in a while, but my big hammock in my shady backyard is a heavenly place to read. And nap, if I’m honest. (That’s my hammock a few years ago.)
  3. My personal library. I had to put my library furniture and books in storage while we’re traveling but my comfy couch, beautiful view of the mountains, favorite artwork, and overflowing bookshelves made a perfect place to read.
  4. My camp chair. Since we travel in our RV, I love setting up my camp chair in the shade of the awning and digging in to a good book. (The picture above shows our first travel trailer. We have a bigger, drivable RV now.)
  5. My kitchen table. When I’m home alone, I always read while eating a meal. (This is a picture of the table in the furnished apartment we’re renting right now.)
  6. My car. I used to spend every lunch hour reading in the peace and quiet of my car before I quit my job for this travel life. Also, if my husband runs inside a store for a quick errand, I take the opportunity to wait in the car and read a few pages. (I’ve included a picture of the car we’re borrowing while we’re in Alaska. I call it The Matchbox Car.)
  7. On planes. I don’t enjoy chit-chatting with my seatmates on flights (with the exception of my husband, of course). I get a lot of reading done instead.
  8. My bed. I absolutely have to read a few pages before bed, no matter how tired I am. (The picture above shows the bedroom in our current RV.)
  9. My couch. Whether it’s at home, in our RV, or in a furnished apartment, you’ll mostly find me reading on my couch. (I took a picture of the couch in our current furnished apartment.)
  10. Anywhere! I’m really not picky. If I have a minute to read, I’m happy to pull out my book or Kindle and get started.

That’s my list! Do we share any of the same spots? Link up every Tuesday at That Artsy Reader Girl!

I have an affiliate relationship with Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe in beautiful Asheville, NC. I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase merchandise through links on my site.

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  1. I love reading o the beach although yes it has to be warm haha! And if I’m camping or something, i love to just sit in a camp chair and relax with a book for a few hours!

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