Two More Challenges

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I didn’t think I was going to be doing anymore challenges, but I keep thinking about these two, so I’ve decided it’s just time to sign up and get them out of my system!

Colleen at Books in the City is hosting an Immigrant Stories Challenge. I’m signing up for the Just Off the Boat level–read 1 to 3 books about an immigrant experience. These books can be fiction or non-fiction, and they can be immigrant stories set in any country. I wasn’t sure what I would read, but in looking through Colleen’s recommendations, there are several that are already on my to-read list that I’m very excited about. Go to Books in the City to sign up!

Tif Talks Books is hosting the Fairy Tale Challenge. Well, we all know I can’t resist a good fairy tale, so I’m surprised I’ve held out this long! I’ll be signing up for the Fairy Level: Read 1 original tale. Read 1 modern tale. Watch 1 film. (Total of 3 selections.) Any reading level counts, so you can read a child’s picture book, a YA novel, a graphic novel, an adult book, or anything in between. Go here to sign up!

Both challenges run from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011. I’ll write an individual post for each challenge where I’ll track my progress.  They will be backdated in order to keep from clogging up my feed.

I hope you’ll join me for these two challenges!

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  1. Welcome to the Fairy Tale Challenge Jen! I am so excited that you decided to take the plunge and I cannot wait to see what you end up reading and watch!!

    For those guests that have already replied with possible interest . . . remember that you can overlap with other challenges on this one! And, you don't have to read originals if you choose one of the other levels. The lowest level is the only one with restrictions!

  2. Jen – thanks for signing up! It is great to have you on board!

    Christina – if you decide that you have room for one more challenge, it would be great to have you!

  3. Hmm. I have been toying with the idea of joining both of these but my challenge plate is so full. I do love fairy tale retellings. Not so sure about reading the original.

    The immigrant challenge really appeals to me as the child of immigrants. I've always enjoyed Jhumpa Lahiri and recently read another immigrant tale I loved, Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. I suppose it would go nicely with my other POC challenges I'm participating in.

    Good luck with both of these!

  4. +JMJ+

    I just joined the Retold Fairytales Challenge hosted by another blog. If I had seen this one first, I might have signed up for it instead, as it includes movies in the challenge! Still, I don't regret my first choice and look forward to reading your reviews of your own "modern tale." =)

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