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Southern Literature Reading Challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader

Please link your reviews for the Southern Literature Challenge 2014 here. Looking for the “rules” or the sign up page? Click here or click on the button.

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I’ll track my progress here.

  1. This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash
  2. Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews, read by Kathleen McInerney
  3. The Sunday Wife by Cassandra King
  4. Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen
  5. Season of the Dragonflies by Sarah Creech

Please link to the review and not your blog home page. My suggested format is the title of your blog and then the title of the book in parentheses. Example: The Introverted Reader (This Dark Road to Mercy)

1. I’d Rather Be At The Beach (Hospice Voices)
2. JoAnne@LitlequeenRules/Gods in Alabama
3. JoAnne@LitlequeenRules (Last Chance Knit & Stitch)
4. JoAnne@LitlequeenRules/The Magnolia League
5. DianeR@Goodreads(Waking Kate)
6. Free Spirit Books (Lost Lake)
7. Veronica (Garden Spells)
8. JoAnne@LitlequeenRules/The Death of Santini
9. DianeR@Goodreads(Lost Lake)
10. Avid Series Reader (Quilt or Innocence)
11. Free Spirit Books (The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion)
12. Avid Series Reader (Keys to Death)
13. jamie
14. RIEDEL Fascination (Angel’s Verdict)
15. RIEDEL Fascination (Angel Condemned)
16. RIEDEL Fascination (Gunpowder Green)
17. RIEDEL Fascination (Eerie Tales Of The Old West)
18. RIEDEL Fascination (The Quicksilver Pool)
19. RIEDEL Fascination (The Other Side Of Dark)
20. RIEDEL Fascination (The Cat Who Could Read Backwards)
21. RIEDEL Fascination (The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern)
22. RIEDEL Fascination (The Cat Who Turned On And Off)
23. RIEDEL Fascination (The Cat Who Saw Red)
24. RIEDEL Fascination (Death On Demand)
25. Free Spirit Books The WIich of Belladonna Bay
26. Free Spirit Books Stardust
27. Avid Series Reader (The Viognier Vendetta)
28. Avid Series Reader (Glazed Murder)
29. Avid Series Reader (A Peach of a Murder)
30. RIEDEL Fascination (The Merlot Murders)
31. RIEDEL Fascination (The Tale Of Oat Cake Crag)
32. RIEDEL Fascination (The Tale Of Castle Cottage)
33. RIEDEL Fascination (The Secrets Of Hidden Creek)
34. RIEDEL Fascination (The Wishing Jar)
35. RIEDEL Fascination (Mysteries, Monsters, And Untold Secrets)
36. RIEDEL Fascination (The House On Cabra)
37. RIEDEL Fascination (Night Of Secrets)
38. RIEDEL Fascination (The Secret Portrait)
39. RIEDEL Fascination (Last Wool And Testament)

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  1. I interpreted authors from, or living in the southern states you named, or set therein. If you prefer stories set in your southern states solely, I'll do my best to adhere in your renewal. 🙂

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