Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore: Book Review

Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore Book Cover

I finished this back on July 27 but I’ve already forgotten everything about it. Ugh. But that’s typically what happens with my three-star books so at least I know I rated it accurately. Christopher Moore’s brand of humor is not for everyone. I think it varies wildly from book to book so it’s not even reliably to my taste. This […]

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Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore: Book Review

Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore Book Cover

2.5 Stars. What this feels like is a contractual obligation. My guess is that Christopher Moore signed a deal for a follow-up to A Dirty Job, time was up, so he knocked this out. I wasn’t impressed. I laughed/cried/snorted my way through A Dirty Job. Seriously. I may have chuckled once or twice this go ’round. Charlie’s new body […]

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Fluke by Christopher Moore: Book Review

Nate Quinn has spent his entire professional career following humpback whales around the ocean, trying to find out exactly why the males sing. He’s currently in Hawaii, where the whales spend the winter, still researching. His world is rocked on the day that he is taking pictures of one singer and sees BITE ME clearly Continue Reading…

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Bite Me by Christopher Moore: Book Review

I don’t think I can even begin to explain the appeal of these books. A synopsis is going to make it sound ridiculous. A giant shaved vampire cat named Chet is stalking the San Francisco night? Puh-leeze. Except that leaves out Abby Normal, Emergency Backup Mistress of the Greater Bay Area Night. I. ♥ This. Continue Reading…

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Lamb by Christopher Moore: Book Review

There are roughly 30 years of Jesus’s life that are unaccounted for. Oh, there’s the one story about him teaching in the temple when he was 12, but other than that, he was born and then he started his ministry around the age of 30. Christopher Moore has fun imagining what exactly Jesus–or Joshua, as Continue Reading…

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