Full Throttle by Joe Hill: Book Review

Full Throttle by Joe Hill Book Cover

I “discovered” Joe Hill somewhere back around 20th Century Ghosts or Heart-Shaped Box. I don’t recall which I read first but I think I read them pretty close together. I’ve eagerly snatched up his new books as they’re published ever since, which isn’t something I do with most authors. I’m a library girl and have been all my […]

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The Fireman by Joe Hill: Book Review

The Fireman by Joe Hill Book Cover

I try hard to avoid any blurbs or early reviews of books that I’m really anticipating, but somehow things just seep into my consciousness and I’m not even sure how they got there. So in addition to having my own ridiculously high hopes for this book, I’d come across things like “Hill’s magnum opus!” and “his best work to date” […]

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He is Legend, Edited by Christopher Conlon: Book Review

He Is Legend Edited by Christopher Conlon Book Cover

4 Stars. I haven’t read that much Richard Matheson, just one short story collection containing I am Legend, but I enjoyed it immensely. I don’t remember where I came across this collection, but when I saw the combination of Richard Matheson, Joe Hill, and Stephen King, I added it to my wishlist. Like any anthology, this was […]

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Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill: Book Review

Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill Book Cover

4 Stars. I really, really liked this. I never had any idea where it was going and it just kept getting more and more twisted. I had more questions at the end than I did at the beginning. And I was definitely left with a sinking feeling in my stomach. This situation is going to get way worse before it gets better. I liked the […]

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NOS4A2 by Joe Hill: Book Review

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill Book Cover

Victoria McQueen, known at different times as Vic or The Brat, inadvertently discovers she has a special gift when she’s about ten years old. If she wants to find something badly enough, she can ride her Raleigh Tuff Burner bike across a rickety wooden covered bridge and find whatever she’s looking for on the other Continue Reading…

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Horns by Joe Hill: Book Review

Ignatius Perrish wakes up after a drunken night with honest-to-goodness horns growing out of his head. At first, he thinks he’s just going crazy. But as he ventures out into the day, he finds that other people can see them too; they’re just too busy telling him their deepest, darkest secrets to really comment on Continue Reading…

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Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Rocker Judas Coyne thought it was a joke when he bought a ghost off the internet. Still, he’s a collector of the arcane, so what could it hurt? An old man is haunting his daughter and granddaughter, so Judas might be helping them, but even if it’s a joke, Judas can easily afford it. But Continue Reading…

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