Curse of the Blue Tattoo by L. A. Meyer: Book Review

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Cover of Curse of the Blue Tattoo by L.A. Meyer

4 Stars
Synopsis from GoodReads:

After being forced to leave HMS Dolphin and Jaimy, her true love, Jacky Faber is making a new start at the elite Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls in Boston. But growing up on the streets of London and fighting pirates never prepared Jacky for her toughest battle yet: learning how to be a fine lady.

Everything she does is wrong. Her embroidery is deplorable, her French is atrocious, and her table manners–disgusting! Then there’s the small matter of her blue anchor tattoo. . . .

Despite her best efforts, Jacky can’t seem to stay out of trouble long enough to dedicate herself to being ladylike. But what fun would that be, anyway?

I loved Jacky Faber when I read the first book in the series, Bloody Jack. Then I listened to the second book on audio. Holy cow! I’d heard these audiobooks were awesome but I really didn’t understand until I picked one up for myself.

Katherine Kellgren brought Jacky to life for me. Narrating in a Cockney accent that I loved, she crowed in triumph, cried in sadness, and took her with me on every emotion in between. It was amazing and a joy to listen to. I already felt this was a strong start to a series, but I will definitely be continuing in the audio format. I can’t imagine separating Kellgren and Jacky now!

I’ve waited too long to review this book, but from what I can remember, this second entry is darker than the first. Yeah, the more I think about it, parts got downright dark and creepy. I was seriously worried for Jacky.

It was huge fun to see her in a group of proper young Boston schoolgirls. They don’t know what hits them when Jacky walks in! We can all imagine what happens though. Yeah. That group. The Mean Girls. Jacky doesn’t know what hits her when they get started. I think she’d rather face down an evil pirate than deal with these deviously devilish girls!

As far as the actual story goes, I think I enjoyed Bloody Jack just a little more. I get frustrated by mean girls and the creepiness almost went over the top for me.

I do highly, highly recommend this series on audio. It is perfect for girls who like some adventure in their books!

Read an excerpt (scroll down to find it).

My review of Bloody Jack.

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