The League of Seven by Alan Gratz: Book Review

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Cover of The League of Seven by Alan Gratz

4 Stars

It’s 1875 and Archie Dent’s parents belong to The Septemberists, a society dedicated to remembering the damage caused by monsters called the Mangleborn and to preventing them from rising again to destroy civilization. On a routine trip to the Septemberist headquarters, the older Dents are taken over by Manglespawn, children of a Mangleborn, and forced to Florida where one of the monsters is trying to break free. Archie and his family servant, a tik tok man named Mr. Rivets, try to save the Dents but fail. They set off to seek help from other Septemberists and make a couple of brilliant young friends along the way.

Whew! That sounds complicated! It’s not really. This is a middle grade steampunk adventure and everything’s explained pretty easily.

Archie’s a great protagonist. He’s small for his age, smart, kind of a nerd, and apparently there’s nothing special about him. He wants so badly to be a hero that he feels his normalcy is a weakness. His friend Fergus is an electrician/scientist of amazing talents. His friend Hachi is a fierce warrior, utilizing five clockwork toys to her advantage. Archie seems to just be…Archie.

I love the whole world this is set in. The fledgling colonies of North America lost contact with Europe when there was a catastrophic Mangleborn rising. They had to learn to live peacefully with the Native Americans so they’ve come to be known as the United Nations of America. The states we know correspond more closely to tribes of Native Americans. The colonists come to be known as the Yankee tribe. The society is pretty advanced but everything runs on clockwork and steam power.

I was fortunate to see author Alan Gratz at his book launch and he said that he wanted to write a “book of awesome,” so he wrote down all the awesome things he could think of and tried to fit them all into one book. It works for me and I’m sure it will work for younger boys and girls looking for an action-packed read. I can’t wait to get my hands on the second book in the trilogy.

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