The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan: Book Review

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The Titan's Curse Book Cover

4 Stars

Annabeth and the goddess Artemis are missing. Percy, Thalia, and Grover embark on a quest to find them before the winter solstice, just a few days away. Artemis is needed to vote at a meeting of the gods about the Titan issue. And well, Annabeth is Annabeth, and her friends are worried about her.

I’ve waited too long to write this review! I hate it when that happens!

This is another page turner in the Percy Jackson series, and it took lots of twists and turns that I did not see coming. I loved getting to know Thalia better. I had figured out some basic things about her, just knowing her background, but getting to see her in action was great! She and Percy are a little too much alike to click together well, but they’re still friends and they still look out for each other. Annabeth was largely absent though, and I did miss her a lot.

There is some setup for the rest of the series, and I am curious to see where all this is going. Oh, and the monster everyone is worried about? What a shocker that was!

Highly recommended for fans of the series, and everyone should be a fan of this series!

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  1. My son left me his collection of this series when he went away to college and told me to get reading them! I have read the first one… maybe I can read the second during the read a thon this weekend 🙂

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