Character Connection: Temeraire

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His Majesty's Dragon

Temeraire is the title dragon from His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik.

Temeraire isn’t supposed to be fighting for the British. He just happened to be commandeered as an egg after the French ship that was transporting him lost a battle. He hatches on board the British ship and sort of imprints on Captain Will Laurence.

In this world, dragons are huge and used in the Napoleonic wars. The smaller ones can be likened to fighter jets and the bigger ones are more like bomber planes with big crews running around on them.

As Temeraire grows, he develops more personality than anyone else in the books. Well, at least in the first two in the series, which is all I’ve read so far.

He has the dignity of a cat. He expects to be fed when he demands it. He doesn’t understand waiting on anyone else. He wants to be pampered and adored.

But he also has a little bit of–oh, let’s say Labrador Retriever about him. He’s unfailingly loyal, he loves a good rub, and he likes to go fishing. It’s an odd mix but it works in him.

Like all dragons, Temeraire does love his bling.


He’s a free thinker. He never accepts an answer like, “That’s because it’s always been done that way.” He wants to know why. If he thinks he has a better way, he won’t let his idea go. I believe he got interested in books when Captain Laurence started reading to him. He starts requesting books and learning about literature and mathematics. When he goes to China he learns to write. A dragon interested in self-improvement. Who knew?

When he goes to China, he gets all kinds of radical ideas. The dragons there aren’t treated as glorified weapons of war. They have useful jobs. The more rare dragons are treated like royalty. Temeraire sees all this and wants to be treated the same way.

He’s a gifted fighter with a lot of heart and courage. His special ability is…different. That would be a spoiler. It’s not supposed to be funny, but it cracks me up every time I think about it. It’s the biggest flaw in the books for me. It’s just silly.

That aside, Temeraire is always fun to read about.  He gives you a different perspective on dragons and has a distinct personality of his own.

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Character Connection

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