2013 Books in Translation Reading Challenge

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Books in Translation Reading Challenge 2013 Button


I’ll be hosting the Books in Translation Reading Challenge again for 2013. I failed pretty miserably at it last year, reading only two when my goal was 4-6. Oops. I hope to do better this year. The goal is obviously to read translations of books, from any language into the language(s) you’re comfortable reading in; they don’t have to be in English.

You can read any genre and any age range. Crossovers with other challenges are fine. Any format that you choose is also acceptable. The challenge will run from January 1 through December 31, 2013.

Reading Suggestions:

Looking for suggestions? I have a shelf on GoodReads you can check out. There’s also a Listopia list on GoodReads. Last year’s linked reviews are a great resource.

I am not limiting the challenge to bloggers. You can also link to a review you wrote on another site, such as GoodReads or LibraryThing.


Beginner: Read 1-3 books in translation
Conversationalist: 4-6
Bilingual: 7-9
Linguist: 10-12

My Personal Progress

I’m committing to the Conversationalist level at 4-6 books. I’ll track my progress here.

  1. Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak
  2. Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Sijie Dai, translated by Ina Rilke, read by B. D. Wong
  3. The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery, translated by Alison Anderson
  4. Labyrinths: Selected Stories and Other Writings by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by various

Sign Up and Link Your Reviews!

I hope you’ll join me!  Sign up anytime throughout the year by linking below!

Post your reviews here as well. Enter your name or your blog name and the title of the book in parentheses. Example: The Introverted Reader (The Bookseller of Kabul)

1. Maphead’s Book Blog
2. Lizzy Siddal
3. Darlene @ Darlene’s Book Nook
4. Joy @ A Little Reading
5. Tanya @ Girlxoxo
6. Aleksandra @ Aleksandra’s Corner
7. TracyK @ Bitter Tea and Mystery
8. Avid Series Reader
9. Arenel @ Slightly Cultural, Most Thoughtful and Inevitably Irrelevant
10. Persephone @ Persephone’s Winged Reviews
11. Budapest Noir- Hungarian (Maphead’s Book Blog)
12. Minotaur- Hebrew (Maphead’s Book Blog)
13. Matt @ Matt’s Book Blog
14. Ekaterina @ In My Book (The Story of My Misfortunes – French)
15. Ekaterina @ In My Book (Norwegian Wood – Japanese)
16. Ekaterina @ In My Book (Dangerous Liaisons – French)
17. Ekaterina @ In My Book (Oedipus the King – Classical Greek)
18. Avid Series Reader (The White Lioness)
19. Ekaterina @ In My Book (Germinal – French)
20. Ekaterina @ In My Book (Mabinogion – Medieval Welsh)
21. Ekaterina @ In My Book (Harry Potter y la c�mara secreta – English->Spanish)
22. Ekaterina @ In My Book (The Name of the Rose – Italian)
23. Mai@Reading in Process
24. Avid Series Reader (The Chalk Circle Man)
25. Girlxoxo (Salvation of a Saint)
26. Matt’s Book Blog (Russian Short Stories))
27. Cousin K – French (Maphead’s Book Blog)
28. The Fall of Stone City – Albanian (Maphead’s Book Blog)
29. Matt’s Book Bloy (Nagai Kafu)
30. Avid Series Reader (My First Murder)
31. Avid Series Reader (The Time in Between)
32. Pull Yourself Together – German (Maphead’s Book Blog)
33. Reply to a Letter from Helga – Icelandic (Maphead’s Book Blog)
34. Matt’s Book Blog (Dead Souls – Gogol)
35. Horses of God – French (Maphead’s Book Blog)
36. The Silence and the Roar – Arabic (Maphead’s Book Blog)
37. Matt’s Book Blog (Captain Pamphile – Dumas)
38. Ekaterina @ In My Book (Manon Lescaut – French)
39. Ekaterina @ In My Book (The Lady and the Unicorn – English)
40. Ekaterina @ In My Book (Three Cups of Tea – English)
41. Matt’s Book Blog (Fathers & Sons – Turgenev)
42. Matt’s Book Blog (Translation From Chinese – Waley)
43. The Devil’s Workshop – Czech (Maphead’s Book Blog)
44. TracyK (Dead Before Dying by Deon Meyer, Afrikaans)
45. TracyK (The Square of Revenge)
46. TracyK (The Midas Murders by Pieter Aspe)
47. TracyK (The Devotion of Suspect X – Japanese)

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  1. Hello I'm signed up with you all for that challenge with 3 books beginner level challenge reading by Arabic language for English originally Books.

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