The Fairy Folk and She by Mary-Anne Grosse Ivie: Book Review

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The Fairy Folk and She by Mary-Anne Grosse Ivie

4 Stars

The old woman who lives in a shoe is overwhelmed. Her children are hungry. She decides to pay a visit to Razzlewitch and ask for help. Razzlewitch agrees to help in exchange for the old woman’s oldest daughter, Lisa. If Lisa will come cook and clean for Razzlewitch, the other children will be fed and clothed. Lisa agrees but wonders what she’s gotten into when she finds herself in a strange new world.

This was a lovely little fairy tale. It starts with the old woman who lived in a shoe, but then it becomes its own story.

Like all good fairy tale heroines, Lisa grows and comes into her own throughout the book. She has surprising talents that she must learn to use. She must also learn to trust herself.

She meets a whole host of magical beings who, for the most part, end up being gentle teachers for her.

There’s an element of darkness too. Lisa, and her new neighbors, learn that appearances aren’t everything. They must work together to overcome the threat of darkness in their fairy tale land.

There’s a very sweet love story at the heart of the book also. I just loved how this played out.

I recommend this for those who are fond of their happily ever afters and who are in search of a gentle, lovely read.

Thanks to the author for sending me a copy for review.

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