The Fallen by T. Jefferson Parker: Book Review

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Cover of The Fallen by T. Jefferson Parker

3 Stars

Homicide Detective Robbie Brownlaw was promoted a few years ago after a crazed arsonist threw him out of a sixth-floor window. He obviously survived to tell the tale, but he was left with a form of synesthesia–he sees people’s words as colored shapes. He’s learned to use this ability as a primitive lie detector. He’s called in when a former cop is found murdered.

My attention wandered a bit a lot while I was reading this, but I can’t say it was necessarily the book’s fault; I’ve got a lot going on at the moment. Even so, I wasn’t particularly surprised when I found out whodunnit. I even managed to figure it out a little before it was laid out plainly.

I found Robbie to be irritating. His marriage is falling apart but he just goes on and on about how special his wife is. I saw her as a spoiled brat who had a lot of growing up to do. Then I started to see him as just being a step away from a stalker. He got a little pathetic. That’s not how I want to see my heroes. And the whole synesthesia thing was kind of…redundant? Came off as a crutch? Something like that. It was just an easy way for Robbie to know if someone was lying without having to do a lot of footwork to actually prove it.

I did enjoy narrator David Colacci’s performance, but otherwise, this audiobook was forgettable for me. I enjoyed Cold Pursuit by this author much more.

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