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Cover of Sent: The Missing Book 2

3 Stars


Found ended with Jonah and Katherine latching onto Chip and Alex as the two boys were sent back into their own time period. Sent picks up there. The kids find themselves in fifteenth century England, where Chip and Alex find out that they’re royalty. Many plots are afoot and the boys’ lives are in danger. Jonah and Katherine, with JB’s help, try to keep them safe.

Eh. I think Found was so good because I was interested to find out what exactly was going on. Now that I know, the sequel wasn’t that great. I saw potential when I found out that the boys were The Princes in the Tower, but really the book just fell a little flat. Jonah was dense and annoying. He would overhear subtle, barbed conversations and then had to get someone else to give him a recap of what had been said in plain English. I know this book is written for the pre-teen crowd, but I think they would have gotten it without the “translation.” There are ghostly “tracers” roaming around, showing what was supposed to happen if time hadn’t been messed with. I actually followed that pretty well, but then Jonah got confused thinking about it and took me right along with him. Confusion might have been a normal reaction, but it wasn’t worth it at the risk of confusing the readers.

It might just be me. I’m much older than the target age group. I’ll probably read the next one, just to see if this one was the exception rather than the rule in the series. I am left thinking that there were 36 kids on that plane. How many books are there going to be?

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  1. My eleven-year-old cousin recommended these to me. We both loved the first and thought the second was a let-down. That's probably not any help, is it? 🙂

  2. I thought about getting this series for my little sister. She loved the Among the Hidden books. Still deliberating…

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