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Nonfiction November 2020 Button

For our final prompt in Nonfiction November, Katie at Doing Dewey asks which book are new to my TBR.

It’s been a month full of amazing nonfiction books! Which ones have made it onto your TBR? Be sure to link back to the original blogger who posted about that book!

Well, first of all, thanks to everyone who gave suggestions when I asked for exciting books about geographical explorers last week! I seriously added all of your recommendations to my TBR and there are way too many to list here. If you want to see those titles for yourself, you can check out the comments on my “Ask the Expert” post from last week.

I’ve added plenty of books as I’ve visited other blogs this month though. Here’s a sampling:

I’m apparently in a very scientific, exploration-ish state of mind this month!

Goal Progress:

And just to wrap things up, I’ll check in on my goal. I wanted to catch up on my backlog of nonfiction reviews. Goal achieved! As I write this on Thursday, my last review is scheduled to post tomorrow. Yay!

Thanks so much to our hosts, Katie at Doing Dewey, Julie at Julz Reads, Leann at Shelf Aware, and Rennie at  What’s Nonfiction for this fabulous event! Thanks to everyone who stopped by with comments and recommendations as well!

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  1. I love this event because of how many awesome or intriguing nonfiction books will come your way. Also, yay you for getting caught up on your nonfiction reviews! Hope you enjoy The Man in the Rockefeller Suit if you get to read it.

  2. Haha, this topic is the worst one of all for my to-read list. On top of what I’ve already added, now I want to add all of the books you’ve added too 🙂

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