Ten Anticipated Book Releases in Early 2022

Ten Anticipated Book Releases in Early 2022

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Top Ten Tuesday

Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl invited us to share ten “2021 Releases I Was Excited to Read But Didn’t Get To.” Out of the ten I was looking forward to in June, I’ve only read two so far (The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix and Gilded by Marissa Meyer). Oops. I’ll share my top ten anticipated book releases in early 2022 instead of essentially rewriting that post (I missed this topic a few weeks ago). I’ve referred to Publishers Weekly for the current release dates.

Ten Anticipated Releases in Early 2022

Amari and the Great Game (Supernatural Investigations #2) by B. B. Alston–Amari and the Night Brothers was one of my top ten books last year so I’m ridiculously excited to listen to the sequel! April 5

I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys–I love Sepetys’s historical fiction (Fountains of Silence and Between Shades of Gray were each one of my top ten books of the year when I read them) so I’ve been anticipating this one since it was announced. February 1

Soul Taken (Mercy Thompson #13) by Patricia Briggs–I was shocked to realize that I had caught up on the series when I finished Smoke Bitten last year. I’m happy I don’t have to wait forever for the next book. March 8

Nettle & Bone by T. Kingfisher–I really enjoyed Kingfisher’s horror novel, The Hollow Places, last fall. I also enjoyed Harriet the Invincible (Ursula Vernon publishes her adult books as T. Kingfisher). I think an adult fairy tale she’s written will be right up my alley. April 26

The Cartographers by Peng Shepherd–Several nonfiction books of maps have caught my eye recently so I checked this title out when I saw it. This one is fiction but the premise intrigues me. March 15

Solimar: The Sword of the Monarchs by Pam Muñoz Ryan–I liked Esperanza Rising but never reviewed it. Echo was one of my top ten books in 2020. Solimar sounds really good too. February 1

The School of Mirrors by Eva Stachniak–The Winter Palace was a great historical novel. I’ll be curious to read Stachniak’s take on Versailles. February 22

Read Dangerously: The Subversive Power of Literature in Troubled Times by Azar Nafisi–Don’t we all love books about books? And it sure feels to me like we’re living in troubled times. I’m especially excited to read this volume from the author of Reading Lolita in Tehran. March 8

From the Hood to the Holler: A Story of Separate Worlds, Shared Dreams, and the Fight for America’s Future by Charles Booker–I grew up in the hills and hollers of southern Appalachia. I agree that people living in the hoods and the hollers have more in common than they probably expect and should become a more unified voting bloc. I don’t see how it can ever happen though, so I’m curious to read Booker’s thoughts on the issue. April 26

The Other Dr. Gilmer: Two Men, a Murder, and an Unlikely Fight for Justice by Benjamin Gilmer–This one interests me because I live in Asheville, NC, near Cane Creek where both Dr. Gilmers work(ed). I remember Dr. Benjamin Gilmer as either a resident or a very young doctor when I worked at the hospital. The author’s argument about the appropriate care for criminals with mental illness is a compelling one. As someone who worked in healthcare for twenty years, I have seen firsthand that our mental healthcare system is so broken, it’s almost nonexistent. This one speaks to me on a lot of levels. March 1

That’s my list! Have you read any of these? Which books are you looking forward to? Link up every Tuesday at That Artsy Reader Girl!

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  1. I have the Briggs, Sepetys and the Kingfisher on my TBR, and now I’m looking real hard at three more. Especially the Gilmer.

  2. I wish I could be excited for T. Kingfisher’s horror novels, but they are just too scary for me. Oh well. I’ll just have to stick to her fantasy! 🙂 I hope you enjoy Nettle & Bone. I’m waiting for more reviews to come out on that one so I can decide if it’s too close to the “horror” side of things for me or not.

  3. I’m looking forward to Amari and the Great Game as well. I loved Night Brothers and promptly added the next two books to my TBR.

  4. I am really looking forward to The Cartographers. It sounds so good! I hope you get a chance to read all of these!

  5. The Cartographers sounds really good, but I have read a few reviews highlighting the fact that things get bogged down, so I’ll wait a bit and see. Let us know what you think hen you get to it

    1. I haven’t read Salt to the Sea yet. I thought I at least owned a copy (in storage, of course) but if I do, I never added it to GR. But Between Shades of Gray and Fountains of Silence were phenomenal! I liked Out of the Easy too, but not quite as much. I saw Sepetys speak at the Texas Book Festival in 2019 and loved hearing her talk about researching Fountains of Silence. I can’t wait for her new one!

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