End of Watch by Stephen King: Book Review

End of Watch by Stephen King Book Cover

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End of Watch by Stephen King Book Cover
4 Stars

Title: End of Watch
Author: Stephen King
Narrator: Will Patton
Trigger Warning: Suicide, language, villain uses the “N-word”
Series: Bill Hodges #3
Genre: Thriller, Paranormal
Audience: Adult
Format: Audiobook

My Synopsis:

Brady Hartsfield has been in the traumatic brain injury clinic for five years. Detective (Retired) Bill Hodges believes that Brady is more aware than he appears to be. His nurses share rumors of inexplicable events, like doors that slam on their own. Then people with ties to Brady’s past crimes begin committing suicide. Hodges suspects Brady’s behind the suicides. But how could he possibly be creating havoc from his hospital bed?

My Review:

I haven’t reviewed the earlier books in this trilogy so this will act as more of a series review. I’ve done my best to avoid any spoilers but there may be some small ones.

I wouldn’t classify these books as horror simply because that implies a level of the supernatural and/or gore that this series doesn’t achieve. But Brady’s acts are pretty horrific in a way that feels entirely too real and will disturb some readers. King does include the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) in the book and a positive note at the end, asking that readers who are thinking of hurting themselves reach out for help.

I like these characters a lot. Hodges is a retired police detective who is severely depressed in the first book but finds a reason to live as time passes and he creates a “found family.” Holly’s biological family has made her so miserable for so long that my heart breaks for her. But she starts to come into her own as the series goes by. I feel proud of her growth. Jerome is another main character. He’s a teen in the first book and in college by the time this book rolls around. He’s always had a good head and heart but it’s nice to see him become the young man I always knew he would be.

I listened to all three books and felt that Will Patton did a great job narrating.

I recommend these for Stephen King fans and even those who like thrillers more than horror. They’re quick reads that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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