Anticipated Books Releasing in Late 2022

Anticipated Books Releasing in Late 2022

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Top Ten Tuesday

Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl invited us to share our ten most anticipated books releasing in late 2022. If you’ve been around here long, you know that I mostly read backlist books. Someone has to keep them fresh in readers’ minds, rights? But I did peek through the publication calendar on Publishers Weekly and choose the first ten titles that caught my eye. Most of these are authors I’ve read before, but a few are titles that grabbed my attention.

Anticipated Books Releasing in Late 2022

I have an affiliate relationship with Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe in beautiful Asheville, NC. I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase merchandise through links on my site.

The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston (Release date: July 5)–I absolutely loved the Once Upon a Con series by this author. It was YA and the publisher is marketing this title for adults, so I’m curious to find out if it will be just as charming.

The Littlest Library by Poppy Alexander (Release date: July 19)–Who among us can resist a book about books? And I have to admit that I am downright envious of those of you who have Little Free Libraries (I’m not in a place where I can have one right now). This sounds like a perfect book for me.

Invisible: A Graphic Novel by Christina Diaz Gonzalez, illustrated by Gabriela Epstein (Release date: August 2)–I really loved Christina Diaz Gonzalez’s debut YA novel, The Red Umbrella but I haven’t kept up with her work since then. There’s just never enough time for all the books I want to read! Her name caught my eye. I love that this book has “text in both English and Spanish” and that The Breakfast Club inspired it.

Empty Smiles (Small Spaces #4) by Katherine Arden (Release date: August 9)–This is the fourth and final book in the Small Spaces series. I’ve only read the first two so far but they are very fun middle grade “horror.” This is the book I’m second most excited about on this list. (Thanks to Nicole at BookWyrm Knits for reminding me about this one)

Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen (Release date: August 30)–This is my most anticipated book this year. I love Sarah Addison Allen’s books and I’ve missed reading new ones (She took some time off for some personal issues). She’s a local-to-me author and I love going to her book launches at Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville, NC. She is so nice and funny! I usually clam up at book signings but I actually manage to chat with her a bit while she signs my books.

The American Adventuress by C. W. Gortner (Release date: September 20)–I read The Confessions of Catherine de Medici by Mr. Gortner several years ago and loved his touch with historical fiction. This novel, about Winston Churchill’s American mother, sounds like another good one.

Drunk on Love by Jasmine Guillory (Release date: September 20)–I listened to Royal Holiday by Ms. Guillory last Christmas and absolutely loved it! I don’t read much romance but I’m more than happy to read more of her books.

Holler of the Fireflies by David Barclay Moore (Release date: September 27)–The word holler is usually a sure sign that you’re talking about the southern Appalachians, my home, so this title caught my eye. It appears to be a contemporary fictional middle grade (or maybe young adult) novel that includes social justice issues. Sounds like a good book to me.

Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver (Release date: October 18)–I wish this had a different title (Snakes–not a fan) but I’ve mostly loved Kingsolver’s books. This book is also set in the southern Appalachians, so I’m excited to read it.

Blitz (The Checquy Files #3) by Daniel O’Malley (Release date: October 18)–I listened to the first book in this series on a whim (The Rook) and thoroughly enjoyed O’Malley’s fantasy version of London. I liked the second book as well.

Honorable Mention

These books have previously been published in another form, but they’re so good, I think you should know about them.

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky: The Graphic Novel by Kwame Mbalia, illustrated by Olivia Stephens (Release date: August 16)–I listened to and loved the prose version of this book and I’m very excited to see that the author has adapted it to be a graphic novel! I love that it’s a contemporary adventure story based on African-American folklore, which I knew very little about.

The River of Silver (Daevabad #3.5) by S. A. Chakraborty (Release date: October 11)–The publisher released the audio version of this book in March but the print version isn’t coming out until October for some reason. I’ve already listened to it and loved it! If you like the Daevabad books, and I hope you do, you don’t want to miss this one.

That’s my list! Are you looking forward to any of these? Which books did/would you choose? Link up every Tuesday at That Artsy Reader Girl!

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  1. I am terrible with new releases coming out. South Africa is usually a month or two behind and if I don’t follow the blog and Amazon updates, I will never know what is coming out next! Other Birds did immediately grab my attention though.

    Have a good week Jen!

    Elza Reads

    1. Have you read any of Sarah Addison Allen’s other books? I highly recommend them!

      I don’t keep up with new releases either. I had to look through a newsletter to see what caught my eye for this post. I imagine it’s much harder when your country releases books later.

    1. Have you read Small Spaces by Katherine Arden? It’s the first book in the series and I would recommend reading it before Empty Smiles as the books do build on each other. It’s a fun series!

  2. A new Sarah Addison Allen??? How did I miss this??? So excited! Thank you!!! Plus, a Barbara Kingsolver (though I still haven’t read the last one–I honestly did not like her narration on the audio and keep saying I’ll get it in print but haven’t)

    1. I only knew about SAA’s new book because I follow her on social media. I was so excited when she announced it!

      I disliked the narration on several books and still swear I’ll try again in print…but somehow I never do. I just have a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth from the audio version, which is completely unfair to the author, I know.

      1. Oh I get that! Today, in fact, I dumped the new novel Jackie & Me because the narrator sounded like an idiot. I had a cross-cultural problem recently too. A British narrator made an upper-class New Yorker sound like a thug from a B-movie. (Kind of like Americans doing Cockney accents so badly!!)

          1. Wrong nationality reading the book can do it too–I had an American voice reading a British novel. Cognitive dissonance to hear an American say “the lifts” for example. Too weird.

  3. The Littlest library sounds interesting.Hope you get to read all these books.
    Here is my TTT

  4. I loved the Once Upon A Con series as well, and I can’t wait to read Ashley Poston’s new release. Here is my post-

  5. I want to read The Dead Romantics, I hadn’t connected the author to the Once Upon a Con series, I’ve only read the first one, but I love the premise of this one.

  6. You’ve sold me on a lot of these! I have a friend who is a major fan of Sarah Addison Allen.
    This is my first time participating in Top Ten Tuesday – Looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts!

  7. I want to read The Littlest Library and The Dead Romantics.

    We don’t have Little Libraries here, but then I am a 15 min walk from my local library and then a 10 min drive one way for one in the next village and a 10 min drive the opposite direction for another one, then a 35ish drive for another one in the town.

    I had to do a bit of research this week as I only had about 3 books in mind that I was looking forward to!

    Have a great week!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

    1. I just love the idea of having my own little curated space to share books with the world. Although, as I commented to Nicole, I would probably spend too much time on it if I had one. I’m glad you have access to so many nearby libraries!

  8. The Littlest Library looks great. Sarah Addison Allen is an author I’ve been interested in as well, ever since her Garden Spells came on my radar when I first started blogging.

    1. I don’t seem to be able to comment on the original post, so I piggy-back on Greg’s.

      I think the cover of “The Littlest Library” is so cute. And I also have Barbara Kingsolver’s “Demon Copperhead” on my list, she is a huge favourite of mine.

      My TTT this week.

        1. There’s definitely a glitch somewhere. I seem to have the most problems with WordPress at the moment but as you noticed, even on my own page there is trouble.

          I’ve had several comments from people who didn’t know Barbara Kingsolver is going to release a new book. So, no wonder, she wasn’t on many lists.

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