Neil Gaiman is Coming! Neil Gaiman is Coming!

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Not to my little corner of the interwebs, but to my town! And maybe your town!

My reaction when I stumbled across this little nugget last night as I was looking at the Malaprops website:

“Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh! Neil Gaiman is coming!!!”

Husband, nicely doing dishes as I finish a blog post: “What? I can’t hear you.”

“Neil Gaiman is coming! To Asheville! Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!”

There might or might not have been some arms flailing about in excitement too. Yeah. We all have our fangirl moments, right? I hope.

Anyway, he’s not coming for a signing or anything like that, he’s part of a tour called Unchained, which is a group of performers traveling around the Southeast and telling stories and making music and supporting local communities. How awesome is that? I’ve always wanted to go to a storytelling festival or something but the big one around here is ridiculously expensive and I just don’t hear about the smaller ones. So I get to hear and see stories! Told by Neil Gaiman! And some other people whose names I don’t recognize but I know they will be fabulous and I’m excited to see them too! (From the ticket website: “Mr. Edgar Oliver, Savannah-born playwright and raconteuring star of the Edinburgh Festival; Peter Aguero, a multi-talented artist currently hosting The Moth and leading NYC’s improvised storytelling rock band, The BTK Band.”)

Check out for more information and to see if they’re coming to your town. If they are, get out and see them! Publishers tend to overlook us in the South, so show them that we love our authors too!

I already have my tickets.

Husband: “I wish I could get you to move that fast on other decisions.”


Neil Gaiman!

And did I mention Neil Gaiman?

I have an affiliate relationship with Malaprop’s, my local independent bookstore located in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC; and Better World Books. I will receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase books through links on my site.

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